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Gravlax with Dill, Fennel and Mint

No Cooking

25-30 Appetizers


¼ cup kosher salt

¼ cup sugar

1 tsp ground white pepper

2 salmon fillets, matched, about 2 pounds each, with pinbones removed, but with skin left on.

⅓ cup fresh dill leaves, minced

⅓ cup fresh fennel leaves, minced

⅓ cup fresh spearmint leaves, minced


Combine the salt, sugar and white pepper in a small bowl.

Cut each salmon fillet into three equal portions and match them side by side.

Cover the skinless side of one pair with the dill, another pair with the fennel, and the third pair with the mint.

Sprinkle the salt mixture evenly over all the salmon pieces.

Cover three of the pieces with their matching pieces, skinless sides together.

Wrap each pair tightly with plastic wrap.

Place each wrapped salmon pair in a separate dish or casserole, cover with a flat board or pan, and weigh down with a brick, or several large cans of food. Refrigerate.

Every 12 hours, turn the fillets.

They are ready after 48 hours.

To serve, scrape the herb mix off each piece and thinly slice at an angle with a long, sharp knife.

Serve with thin rye or wheat bread and sliced cucumbers. If desired, garnish with tiny sprigs of fresh herbs.

Oster, Maggie, Gilbertie, Sal. The Herbal Palate Cookbook: Pownal, VT: Storey Communications, 1996.


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