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We are thrilled to be partners with Wiggle Room worm castings!
Worm castings are organic compost with microbes and nutrients that plants need. Use worm castings to rebuild your soil and grow healthy plants!

This amazing product, locally produced in Bridgeport CT, is loaded with a diverse and complex sets beneficial microbial life, which in turn allow your plants to access and absorb the nutrients they need. Also can be used as a foliar spray for amazing quick results
Gilbertie’s vermicompost Tea, aerobically brewed every week, is available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Can also be used as a foliar spray for amazing quick results!
- $10 per gallon with bring your own jug
- $13 per gallon with purchase of one of our jugs
- Also available in 2lb., 4lb., 7lb., and 14lb. bags for home
- Must be used the same day
- bring your soil back to life organically with Vermicompost tea!

Gilbertie’s Compost Tea from Wiggle Room

PriceFrom $10.00
Sales Tax Included
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    Pickup on store hours only and your order confirmation and ID will be needed. Call 203-227-4175 for any questions.

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