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Warm up your body and soul with a hot toddy! It begins with all natural clover honey, lemon juice, ginger and cloves.
Great for when you feel a sore throat or the seasonal flu.

Just combine ¼ cup of hot water or tea and add your favorite spirit (we love it with bourbon!) Delicious in hot apple cider too. For Store Pickup Only.

Since 1922 Gilbertie’s has been growing super nutritious flavor- packed herbs and vegetables at our Farm in Easton CT. Grown and processed locally,


Sal’s Organic Tomato Sauce starts with our own Certified Organic Nana Gilbertie’s plum tomatoes and San Marzano tomatoes as well as our own organic carrots, garlic, onions, peppers and of course our nationally known herbs. Freshness from our farm to your table. 24 oz. For Store Pickup Only.

Are you tired of throwing away time, energy, and money on a perfectly manicured, water-guzzling, weed-producing lawn? Are you longing to feed your family in more healthful and eco-friendly ways but shocked by organic produce prices at the grocery store? Do you fantasize about growing your own food but hesitate to take on more than you can manage? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time for you to get down and dirty-and take the plunge that will please your taste buds and your pocket-book!

Garden-fresh herbs impart flavor and fragrance that dried, packaged products simply can't. Now, anyone with access to a few square yards of soil (or even a sunny patio or windowsill) can enjoy the punch and pungency that only come from fresh herbs, hand-picked from the garden. Herb Gardening from the Ground Up demonstrates how to design, seed, and nurture 38 culinary herb gardens that are delightful to the eye as well the palate.

Tropical House Plants

Tropical house Plants.jpeg

Is your favorite reading spot looking a little dull recently? Sometimes, finding artsy things to place around the house can be challenging. Plants, specifically the tropical variety, are a natural form of pizzaz that come in abundant colors and look beautiful anywhere you put them.

These plants are typically best suited for indoor spaces. They make great desk adornments (orchids, bromeliads) or corner pieces (palm tree, birds of paradise). Most of these plants have great, natural benefits for your health, cleansing the air around you and making you feel more alert.

Gilbertie’s has you covered for house plant selection
, available in all varieties and colors. Call 203-227-4175 to order.

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