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Up to 40 times more nutritious then full grown!

40+ Varieties of Microgreens

10 Microgreen Market Blends to Compliment Any Cuisine

Each of the Microgreen blends are delicious in their own right.  They create a surprise of flavors when incorporated into s​alads and sandwiches. Whether used as a garnish or part of a main dish, Microgreens will rev up the taste and nutrition! Every blend has been carefully selected to ensure each herb compliments one another for a full bodied and balanced flavor.​  An explosion of taste in every bite!



Cilantro, Mustard, Tatsoi, Shungiku, Mitzuna, Pac Choi, Radish, Pea Shoots

1-petes super greens.jpg

Pete's Super Greens

Kale, Spinach, Chard, Cabbage, Tatsoi, Arugula, Mustard,  Meslun Mix, Cilantro



Citrus Basil, Chervil, Chard, Beets, Sorrel, Lettuce,  Amaranth, Purslane



Nasturtium, Beets, Cress, Mustard, Radish, Mesclun Mix,  Arugula


Renee's French

Arugula, Chervil, Cabbage, Kale, Chives, Mustard, Purple Basil, Sorrel,  Mesclun Mix

1-Tex Mex.jpg


Cilantro, Amaranth, Citrus Basil, Arugula, Cress, Sunflower Shoots, Mustard



Basil, Garlic Chives, Arugula, Kale, Beets, Mesclun Mix,  Mustard, Chard, Cilantro

1-winter wonderblend.jpg

Fall Harvest

Cabbage, Chard, Beets, Fennell, Corn Shoots, Mesclun Mix,   Chives

1-sals mesclun.jpg

Sal's Mesclun Mix

Arugula, Kale, Lettuce, Tatsoi, Beets, Mustard, Mesclun Mix ~ Mitzuna, Pac Choi


Oh Shoots!

Sunflower Shoots, Pea Shoots, Broccoli Shoots, Corn Shoots,   Radish Shoots

6 Delicious & Nutritious Varieties
of Baby Greens



Gilberties-Lettuce Mix.png

Lettuce Mix



Gilberties Mesclun Mix.png

Mesclun Mix

Gilberties Rainbow Chard.png

Rainbow Chard

About Gilbertie's
Organics Microgreens

65 Adams Road

Easton, CT 06612


Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Sat & Sun: Closed

Our unique blends of microgreens include  greens, herbs, vegetables & shoots​. They are 100% USDA Certified Organic and GAP food safety certified. All of our water is UV treated to prevent bacterial growth. Soil grown for maximum nutrition and flavor,​ microgreens are hand cut, and packaged on Gilbertie's farm in Easton, CT.  

Our dedication to organic practices and maintaining the integrity of each plant is what sets our farm apart from other growers. 


We grow our microgreens in 10" x 20" trays or flats, filled with our own organic soil blend. We grow over 40+ varieties of herbs, greens, vegetables and shoots. Microgreens offer up to 70 times more nutrition than full grown greens -- plus they have amazingly more flavor, crunch and versatility. 

Gilbertie's Microgreens are now available at many markets throughout western Connecticut and Westchester county. If you can't find a store close to you, ask your favorite grocery store to start carrying Gilbertie's Microgreens!

Don't feel like cooking tonight?​

​​Use our locator to find a restaurant using our Microgreens in their dishes close to you.  You might just find some inspiration for your next home cooked Microgreens meal!

Why Certified Organic

Gilbertie's is the largest certified organic grower in New England, offering over 200 varieties of herbs, vegetable plants, and cut greens in our 20+ greenhouses.  For nearly 100 years we've been growing high quality herbs and vegetables.  We have always grown organically. As consumers demand for organic produce grew, so did the demand for USDA  Organic Certification. In 2005 we began the USDA 3-year long process to certification. Our farm has been certified organic since February 2009. 

Many non-organic growers use chemicals to fertilize and treat plant diseases and pests.  These chemicals leave residue on plants inside and out.  Instead of spraying for bugs, we release "beneficial" insects to deal with the "bad bugs."  Each of our plants is grown in an organic certified soil blend.  This custom blend took us four years to perfect, ensuring the highest amount of essential oil and taste in each herb and green.  Hydroponically grown herbs can not compare in flavor or nutrition to their soil grown counterparts.  Organic growing is sometimes more difficult, but the rewards surely outweigh the extra effort. 

In the fall of 2015, Petite Edibles began.  This new venture was prompted by the desire to share with our community what we experience all year round; fresh herbs and greens.  Our cut herbs and greens, like all our plants are certified USDA organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers.  ​All of our greens are hand seeded and harvested daily from our farm directly to our customers ensuring the highest quality product. 

We are food safety GAP and HACCP certified. Our water is UV treated to prevent all bacterial growth.

1. Fresher, Better Taste & Nutrition​

Produce starts losing its nutrients as soon as it’s harvested.  The fresher it is, the better it tastes and the better it is for you.

2. Better for the Environment

Less transportation is needed resulting in less fossil fuels used and a reduced impact on the environment.

3. Better for the Community

Enhances livability of our communities and preserves the beauty and character of our towns.

4. Better for the Local Economy

Buying local food supports the local farmers and generates revenue for the community.

Why Local

Seasonal & Featured Blends

We change the seasonal blend four times a year.  A different mix of every three months - the perfect mixture for each season!

Gilberties microgreen egg sandwich
Gilberties microgreen salad
Gilberties herbs watermelon
Gilberties herb nasturtium
Gilberties herb pizza
Gilberties herb ice cream
Gilberties herb omelete
cooking with herbs omlette
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