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Herb Plants

Growing your own herbs with our expert guidance.

Growing Herbs?

  • Name
    Each tag contains the common and botanical name of the plant
  • USDA Certified organic official seal
    Ensures you are getting a quality organic product from seed to harvest. See Certified Organic is Best | Gilberties Organics for more information.
  • Color-coded bands indicate plant growing habits
    Annual (light green band) Lasts just one growing season outdoors. Replant yearly. Bi-Annual (blue band) Returns every other year. Most common bi-annual is parsley. Tender Perennial (pink band) Able to survive yearly outdoors only if winters are mild. Bring indoors to winter-over. Perennial (salmon band) Under correct growing conditions, returns yearly. Plant once.
  • Light requirements
    SUN Your plant will need 10-12 hours of sun during the growing season. SEMI-SHADE Your plant will need 6-8 hours of sun during the growing season. SHADE Your plant will need 4-6 hours of sun during the growing season.
  • Height
    Each plant grows to a specific height. When planning your gardens, plant so that taller plants do not shade shorter ones as the sun moves over your garden during the day.
  • Space
    Plan carefully so each plant will have the space needed in your garden. This will allow for maximum air and light flow, which are essential for preventing fungus and mildew
  • Uses
    Most herbs fall into one or more of several categories: Culinary For food and edibles. Medicinal Used in ancient and modern herbal health practices. Should not be used without proper knowledge of the herb and its effects. Insect repellant Will repel certain insects when planted as companion or stand-alone plantings. Fragrance/Potpourri/Cosmetics Used in herbal and modern perfumes, cosmetics and home products. Ornamental For decorative purposes only.
  • Don’t forget the back!
    The back of each of our tags are filled with rich folklore, herbal history, additional growing instructions and distinct herbal identification. This special feature is the result of years of careful research and growing experience.
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