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The Gilbertie's Organics Story

Our family has nearly 100 years of experience dedicated to meet the demands of our customers. Sal Gilbertie, third generation grower and one of the country's leading experts on herbs and vegetables for a half-century, continues to keep Gilbertie's name synonymous with the highest quality herbs and vegetables.

The business started as a cut flower farm in the early 1920's. Over the course of time and evolution we have adapted to our changing community. Today we grow some of the finest micro greens, lettuces, arugula, spinach, Swiss chard, field vegetables and of course herbs, in the United States. Our dedication to organic practices and maintaining the integrity of each plant is what sets our farm apart. 


We grow our micro greens in 10" x 20" trays or flats, filled with our own organic soil blend. We grow over 40 varieties of herbs greens, vegetables and shoots. Micro greens have more nutritional value and much, much more flavor, crunch and versatility than full grown greens. 

It is our honor and pleasure to bring micro greens, herbs and vegetables in to your kitchen. One taste and you will celebrate how delicious and nutritious God's green earth can be! 

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Gilbertie's 100th Anniversary
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