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The only way to grow

Certified Organic is Best

Why Certified Organic Is Best!

Gilbertie’s Organics is the largest certified organic grower in New England, offering more than 200 varieties of herbs, vegetables plants, and cut greens in more than twenty greenhouses. Owner Sal Gilbertie has spent a lifetime dedicated to growing plants naturally. 


“Certified organic is the only way to grow,” says Sal.  “That’s because of the high standards that come with certification.”


Without organic certification, growers do not have the USDA’s acknowledgment that they are avoiding using harmful chemicals as fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides.  These chemicals often leave residue on plants, inside and out.

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Instead of spraying with such chemicals, Gilbertie’s Organics uses beneficial insects – that is, “good bugs” to deal with the “bad bugs” – and other natural treatments.  As Sal says, “Certified organic growing can be more difficult, but the rewards outweigh the extra effort.  It’s the only way to grow.”

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To become a Gilbertie's wholesale customer download, complete and return the Credit Application via email to:


To use the USDA’s certified organic seal, farmers must follow USDA’s strict standards.  

  • Certified organic farms use only USDA-approved substances that the USDA has determined do not harm human or environmental health.


  • Certified organic farms are subject to annual inspection by USDA-approved agents who are trained to ensure that certified organic standards are met.


  • Certified organic farms produce food using only allowed ingredients – avoiding GMOs, growth hormones, toxic/synthetic fertilizers, and artificial preservatives/flavors/colors.


As the USDA says, the “USDA Organic seal “is the only federally regulated organic label on the shelf.  It indicates that farmers and businesses have met strict standards for the growing, processing, and handling of their products.”   

For more information about the USDA’s National Organic Program, see the USDA’s web site pages and (

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