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Rhubarb Tarragon Ice

Bake-Food Processor/Blender-Freezer

Serves 6 to 8


2 lbs fresh rhubarb, or three 10 ounce packages of frozen, sliced rhubarb, thawed

2 cups sweet dessert wine, such as a good quality port or sherry

⅔ cup superfine sugar

2 Tbs fresh lemon juice

2 tsp fresh tarragon, minced


Preheat oven to 350°.

Wash and trim rhubarb; cut into small pieces. Place in glass baking dish with cover; bake covered, for about 25 minutes or until soft.

Process rhubarb and any juice in a food processor or blender until smooth.

In a large bowl, combine processed rhubarb, wine sugar, lemon juice, and tarragon. Mix well. Pour into a shallow, freezer-proof non-aluminum pan and freeze for one hour.

With a mixer or wooden spoon, break up rhubarb puree and beat until frothy. Refreeze for 30 minutes. Beat again and freeze for two to three hours or until firm.

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